Unusual Conveyor Commissions (Part 2)

Conveyors have so many uses, that it’s actually mind-boggling! We wrote in our December blog about some of the more memorable commissions, and decided there were so many – we’d carry on into January. Enjoy part 2 of our ‘Places We Remember’ blog…..

Theme Park Log Flume

This was quite a basic job – all we had to do was check the measurements of the rollers on the ride (that push the carriages along) – and then produce some replacement parts for the ones that were showing signs of age.However,  we loved it because we got to visit a theme park when it was shut (we’re just big kids basically). What a spooky place at night!

London Bridge

The bridge has several supply tunnels underneath, through which power and goods are transported. The conveyors run inside these sections, so we crawled inside (crouching room only), to measure up for a partial re-fit. It was a slightly back-breaking, but enjoyable new way to see the Thames.

A Cable-Laying Boat At Sea

When we make phone calls, we don’t think of what it entails. We found out, when we took a job supplying run-through ‘Diablo’ rollers on a cable-laying boat in the middle of the sea. The vessel held enormous drums of cable, which ran through the rollers in order to slowly feed them through, and down to the sea bed.

Buckingham Palace

This one made us smile! Although it was for the palace, we weren’t allowed to say – even though Buckingham Palace was the delivery address on the package! We can’t quite claim to have infiltrated the main house, but our conveyor is proudly in-situ in the laundry area, transporting the dirty linens outside, directly into the back of the contractor’s laundry van.

A Motor Bike Starter Roller

We’re contacted on a regular basis by people with big dreams, and unusual ideas. As previously mentioned in other blogs, we will always endeavour to make them come true. This particular customer was a speedway bike rider, who (like the other riders), began from a push start. He wanted to start his bike on a frame and be ‘launched’ or ejected, rather than pushed.

We devised a contraption which consisted of an ‘A’ frame and two rollers from which he would take off. Unfortunately, he did, but the idea didn’t – as he was deemed to have a competitive advantage, and wasn’t allowed to use it in official races. Back to the push starts then…..

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our more unusual stories. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss – we’d love to hear from you. Happy new year!