A Clean Sweep For The Factory Floor!

January brings with it the usual round of resolutions to lose weight and visit the gym, but how about a clean sweep for the factory floor instead?

Diverting your enthusiasm for change towards the shop floor could reap untold benefits!  Not only is a cluttered factory floor a potential hazard, but it could genuinely be slowing down production. Keeping parts easily accessible, properly labelled and safely stored should be part of best-practice in any business, but it’s all too easy to let the ‘housekeeping’ side go to ruin, when daily business takes over.

With a few clever tips and tricks, you could be upping production and making life easier and safer for your workforce. Storage racks are an easy way to move product off the floor and to the sides of the building. These can be easily labelled and accessed. But remember not to overload them.

Have plenty of places to store, or remove waste products. Anything from wood pieces to cardboard can present a hazard. And when it comes to liquid spills, the potential for disaster doesn’t need spelling out.

Consider A Conveyor
Of course, the other alternative to help with handling and product removal, is a conveyor. If you have a large amount of people moving around the factory floor, in order to access something, it may make sense to transport it to them instead.

At Wolverhampton Handling we’ve experience of all kinds of conveyors, with a huge variety of purposes. See some of our previous blogs for the kinds of commissions we’ve undertaken in the past.

Nothing is impossible – it just takes a phone call to discuss it. We look forward to seeing how we can help you create a more productive, and possibly safer working environment in the near future.