Usain Bolt Is Fast, But Not Fast As A Conveyor!

The Olympics has just ended, and at as the excitement dies down for another four years, Usain Bolt is officially the fastest man on the planet.

When he entered the Olympics this year, he was preparing to do the unthinkable. Already the world record holder in the 100m, 200m and 3 x 100m relay, Usain set out to defending all these titles (won in Beijing 2008 and London 2012). And he did it in style.


So Talking of Speed……

Achieving this  ‘triple triple’ has cemented his name as the greatest sprinter in history. Usain declared himself the greatest, and ‘this is the last’. There’s probably nowhere else he can go from here.

But talking of speed, we at Wolverhampton Handling thought it would be interesting to look at some speed-related facts concerning conveyors.

Industrial conveyor belts – (a mining belt for example) – can cover 300 – 500 feet per minute (or 5 – 8 feet per second)

Moving Walkways (like in amusement parks or airports) 5 – 9 kph, with an acceleration and deceleration zone.

Heavy duty powered roller conveyors can move as slow as 2-3 metres a minute (think near-stationery).

But the Usain Bolt of the conveyor industry can be lineshaft-type conveyors with speeds of up to 50 metres a minute!

When all’s considered, it probably proves that fastest isn’t always best, but, if you  it have a need for speed,  there is always a conveyor out there for you.