Integrating Conveyor systems

Tips for Integrating Conveyor Systems Old and New

Whether you’re expanding or upgrading your premises, it is likely whilst you may need new equipment, including conveyor systems, your old equipment won’t be totally out of use and therefore you need to successfully work to combine the two and ensure seamless integration.

To guarantee seamless integration between old and new conveyor systems please keep the following tips in mind.


Your older systems need to be checked and assessed for their functionality to see whether they are fit for integration. In almost every instance the answer will be yes although there may need to be some modifications to ensure effective function. Preparation also means ensuring you keep your conveyor systems fully maintained, cleaned and in best working order, saving time and energy when the integration process is planned. Well maintained systems tend to last longer too.

Choose your new Conveyor

Whether you have a particular ready-made design in mind or need a custom piece, the new equipment you select needs to be the right choice to fit into your space and work effectively with your other equipment including existing conveyors. Working with a partner like Wolverhampton Handling ensures you have the expertise required to assess your current equipment and help choose or design the new conveyor to fit in and work effectively. Custom design is possible and often the best solution to ensure the conveyors in your factory are setup to work in the optimal condition for your business.

Monitor and Manage

Once the new systems are in place it is important you keep a close check on how effective the system is and be prepared for tweaks and changes to ensure it is entirely effective. Monitoring and performance management are absolutely key processes in any integration solution and so once your old and new systems are all in place and functioning, don’t forget to keep a close eye on their performance and whether they are delivering the increased productivity or whatever aim you were hoping for from them.

If you are looking to discuss integrating conveyor systems with your current setup, Wolverhampton Handling can provide advice and guidance and suggestions of the best solutions for your needs. The option of custom build conveyors is also available and can be discussed on a project by project basis. There is no need to think that growing your business or expanding the system you have in place means you need a completely new one – in most instances newer pieces can simply be integrated with the conveyors you already have in place.